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Settembrino #8 UMBC fall to Hop

Posted Wednesday, March 04, 2009 by Inside Lacrosse

Final: Johns Hopkins 14, UMBC 11

Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala made a poignant comment, saying this was a game of three quarters and one. Johns Hopkins won the first three quarters and UMBC won the fourth, so the Blue Jays get the push and the victory.
Of note tonight, this was Chris Boland’s first start of the season, earning the spot over senior Josh Peck. Boland scored two goals and two assists for the day, adding an athletic, high lax IQ element to the Blue Jay’s attack. Mike Kimmel and Steven Boyle also combined for six goals. Also, middie Tim Donovan contributed with two assists.
Johns Hopkins won the groundball battle 38 to 20, which was an issue in their previous engagement against Princeton. Retriever coach Don Zimmerman said he felt his team was timid and didn’t play with the scrappiness that has come to define their program this season.
The battle of the day was at the face-off X. Blue Jays F/O Mike Powers took over for Matt Dolente who started but was “banged up” early said coach Pietramala. The Blue Jays dominated in the first half, going 12-13 at face-offs. UMBC, looking for an answer after J.D. Harkey, Lance Diamond and Justin Radebaugh struggled with a 1-17 day, turned to Kyle Wimer who, despite not practicing face-offs before, went 6-9 using his physicality. Zimmerman said that Wimer will start practicing face-offs “tomorrow.”
This was a scrappy affair, with the teams combining for 14 penalties.
Quick turnaround for both teams. UMBC hosts Princeton Friday, which will be looking to build on their impressive victory against the Blue Jays at the Konica Minolta Face-Off Classic. Johns Hopkins host a hot Hofstra team at Homewood Field Saturday.

In-Game Blog

Hey ya’ll, we’re live here from lovely Catonsville, Md. for the JHU-UMBC matchup. Weather is cold, cold, but the players are ready to go and so are the fans, who are bundled up by ready to go. 

JHU is coming off a tough 14-8 loss against Princeton (the Tigers will be here in Catonsville Friday night) while UMBC survived a tight one against Colgate. UMBC is actually the top ranked team in this matchup in the Nike/IL Media Poll, coming in at No. 8 to the Blue Jay’s No. 9.


Starting lineups

A 10 Steven Boyle
A 32 Chris Boland
A 42 Kyle Wharton
M 15 Michael Kimmel
M 19 Brian Christopher
M 26 Mark Bryan
D 33 Michael Evans
D 43 Matt Drenan
D 44 Same DeVore
G 6 Mike Gvozden

A 10 Ryan Smith
A 36 Chris Jones
A 39 Matt Latham
M 9 Alex Hopmann
M 20 Kyle Wimer
M 21 Peet Poillon
D 8 Matt Kresse
D 31 Brian Schneider
D 44 Steve Settembrino
G 6 Jeremy Blevins

1st Quarter

12:55 UMBC goal started by Ryan Smith, unassisted. 1-0 UMBC

12:48 Matt Dolente takes his face-off win and runs it right at the cage. That’s a big issue to watch in this game. UMBC hasn’t faced off well so far this season, and the Blue Jays will look for a big game from Dolente. 1-1 tie.

6:17 Of note, Mike Evans is matched up against Peet Pollion on the Retriever midfield. About seven turnovers so far, and a couple nice saves each from the Blevins and Gvozden respectively.

1:20 Johns Hopkins Christopher fakes up SSDM Jordan Pierce from right top and drills one in low on Blevins. 2-1 JHU. Christopher brings a monster shot, Drew Adams from Penn State, who knew Christopher back in high school (think they might have gone to the same school? Will look up) said it’s strong shot he’s ever faced.

:53 Christopher helps on a quick assist to Boyle and it’s 3-1 JHU.

:00 It appeared Steven Boyle scored another goal, but a ref called a push on UMBC before the shot was fired. No goal for Blue Jays, but they get :30 EMO heading into the second.

2nd Quarter

13:25 Peet Pollion spends about 30 seconds dancing with his defensive assignment, shortie at that point, switches right to left and cranks in a bounce shot for the Retrievers. 3-2 JHU.

11:16 Mike Kimmel, going against UMBC’s Max Davis, gets some room on him starting from X driving right and sneaks it high on Blevins. 4-2 JHU. UMBC struggling at face-off, will snag those numbers soon as I get them.

Must compliment UMBC on their facilities. The pressbox is wide, warm and cozy on this frosty night, and the new lockerroom building looks great.

9:05 Steven Boyle takes his longpole to the cage, no slide from UMBC and he sneaks a goal in on the doorstep. 5-2 JHU.

7:45 Alex Hoppman cranks one in on an assist from Peet Pollion. Two points for Pollion so far tonight. UMBC looking for favorable matchups up top. 5-3 Hopkins. UMBC still getting killed on face-offs this game.

6:34 Mike Kimmel beats Mike Camardo on the right alley and sneaks it by Blevins. 6-3 JHU.

3:17 Pollion gets his second goal of the night on an EMO play after Hopkins was called for slashing. UA All-American Rob Grimm helped with the assist. Tight 6-4 game for JHU. Teams looking roughly even on the mental mistakes. Again JHU’s edge at face-offs and overall possession time giving them the edge this game.

1:55 Ryan Smith called for a 2 minute releasable body check, JHU has an EMO. Hopkins then sets up a beauty play, with Wharton assisting Steven Boyle on the crease for the goal. Give Chris Boland the hockey assist for setting that play up from up top. 7-4 JHU.

0:06 Hoppman from Pollion again on another EMO goal. 7-5 UMBC. But, on the next possession, after a groundball scrum, Chris Boland scores on an assist from Kyle Wharton. Broken play on that one. 8-5 JHU going into the half.


Stats of Note
F/O: Johns Hopkins 12-13, UMBC 1-13 (Killa for the Retrievers)
Turnovers: JHU 11, UMBC 8
Saves: JHU 4, UMBC 5
EMO: JHU 2-4, UMBC 3-3 (good stat here for Retrievers)
Shots: 20 JHU, 13 UMBC
Points Leaders: Pollion 4 (2G, 2A), Boyle 3 (3G)

3rd Quarter

13:04 Chris Jones rolls one in from X, scores. 8-6 JHU. Still a tight game even with the face-offs going JHU’s favor.

11:48 Kyle Wharton cranks it in from about 12 yards out from uptop, assist to Tim Donovan. Wharton had SSDM Jordan Pierce on him. 9-6 Hopkins. Of note, on the ensuing face-off, UMBC lined up Kyle Wimer. Good point by my man Quint K (here scouting for this weekend’s coverage), Wimer is best groundball guy for Retrievers.

7:15 Don’t know if it’s the cold or the night lights, but sloppy play. 19 turnovers in the first half, and more this side. UMBC just turned the ball over on a possession where it looked like it would score. AND JHU turns it over on their end.

3:16 Connection a little slow tonight so half second behind. Huge save by Gvozden on Blue Jays end to set up their offense. slowed it down to 6-6 with less than three now in the quarter.

1:53 Chris Boland, sweet move from behind for the unassisted goal. 10-6 Johns Hopkins. They must love having his athleticism and lax IQ back in the lineup.

4th Quarter

13:59 Josh Peck scores on an assist from Chris Boland. 11-6 Johns Hopkins. D Matt Kresse and Kevin Goedeke switched assignments and got caught in the middle. Several different poles UMBC is throwing out there.

For one of our readers, Mike Powers has also taken face-offs for JHU tonight.

12:37 Hopkins Tim Donovan cranks one, big shot. 12-6 JHU.

11:28 Mike Kimmel shot, goal from about 7 yards out. 13-6 JHU, plus a cross check penalty on Lance Ophaf to give Johns Hopkins a man advantage.

11:09 Kyle Wimer on the goal 13-7 JHU. Mike Powers going against Wimer these last few draws. And this draw face-off was especially vicious. Hopkins gets penalties for slashing and cross-checking, 6-4 opportunity, and UMBC scores on EMO by Rob Grimm on an assist from Rich May. 13-8 JHU.

8:57 Alex Hoppman beats Andrew Miller SSDM going left right. 13-9 JHU. On the ensuing play, Hop hits Wimer with a personal foul from David Spaulding.

6:57 Chris Jones beats a longpole from behind, bounces a change-up ball underneath Gvozden’s feet and it’s suddenly 13-10 JHU. Hopkins calls a timeout before the ensuing face-off to calm down.

4:43 Maxx Davis with a great defensive play, forcing a groundball on a JHU longpole but Ryan Smith can’t convert on the possession. Hop has the ball and is slowing it down.

3:34 Alex Hopmann with a career-high fourth goal in this game. 13-11 Johns Hopkins. Timeout Hopkins. Key so far this second half has been Wimer evening out the face-off situation, going against Mike Powers. Haven’t seen Matt Dolente all half. Wonder if it’s a matchup issue the Blue Jays are playing or if Dolente hurt?

2:39 UMBC calls a key timeout. Had 11 guys on the field, but refs didn’t see.

2:05 Alex Hopmann takes it to the cage but Gvozden with a save. Pollion tries and another save by Gvozden.

1:04 Penalty by UMBC. Slashing, JHU has man advantage for one minute.

:26 UMBC used the goalie to double-team, but another flag was thrown. Push, :30 seconds.

:00 Goal, Kyle Wharton scores on assist from Donovan. 14-11 JHU final. Will be back to post everyone’s responses.

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