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Mr Murph

Posted Wednesday, May 02, 2012 by Brian Carcaterra
Mr Murph By Brian Carcaterra

I had cramps in my legs, scratches on my knees, sweat on my brow. My mouth even became a bit sensitive, all the cold air and the sweets from inside were making my teeth ache. The sun was coming down as I walked in the front door where I was suddenly made aware of the four deer that were fifteen feet away from me. Took a second look and completed my next two steps inside the house. After a few seconds my eyes adjust and a warm feeling comes all over me. Not quite sure if it was the crackling fireplace or hearing Charlie Murphy's voice just around the corner.

Doesn't it sound like it was yesterday or the day before? I think about who I was or how old I was when all this took place, and I realize it wasn't one day, its been thousands of days.

I first met Charlie Murphy when I was nine years old. I am now twenty-four. He is now eighty-nine.

I remember when the Giants won the Super Bowl. I remember the Berlin Wall crumbling down. I remember when my Grandparents died. I remember meeting Charlie Murphy for the first time.

I wonder if he remembers meeting me for the first time? Probably not.

The memory of meeting someone that ends up being one of the most important figures in your life lasts forever. Charlie Murphy's legacy will last forever.

Charlie Murphy is inducted into the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in Baltimore. Standing in the picture is: Gerry Walsh (varsity coach at Brewster HS), Jim Turnbull (retired), Charlie Murphy, and George Searing varsity coach at Northport HS).

Charlie was born and raised in New York City, son to a very successful plumber. Legend has it that Charlie's father installed the plumbing to the Empire State Building. After a proper secondary education Charlie moved on Princeton University. It was there where Charlie found his passion in life, Lacrosse. After a stint in the Army and successful career in plumbing Charlie moved up north to a quiet farm town called Yorktown. In 1965, along with the efforts of Hall of Fame lacrosse coach Jim Turnbull, Charlie started the Yorktown Lacrosse Program.

It would be futile to try and list the accomplishments of this storied program and its players and coaches, so I won't. We would be here for days.

To be perfectly honest with you the effect that Charlie has had on the Yorktown Lacrosse community is not measured by the state championships, or the All-Americans, or the Hall of Famers, or the full-scholarships, its measured by something less tangible.

Charlie Murphy in 1934 at Princeton (bottom row, third from the right)

I have tried to put it into words but I really can't. I am afraid I will always be missing something.

There is a magic that surrounds Charlie. He has created and saved lives. He has helped children realize their dreams. He has provided a haven that is his home that bears no pain, prejudice, or inequality. While in his house a stomach is never empty, a tear of sadness never falls, and a heart is never broken.

People often wonder how to best live their lives. I struggle with those thoughts everyday. For Charlie it was easy, open your heart, home and land to anyone and everyone. Along the way, change every person's life that walks through your door for the better. Make them smarter, stronger, and more proud.

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